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Corporate Napping :-)

2 Feb

Alright ! this is kinda cheeky and ” oh-my-god I I cant allow that” idea , but may i suggest to all managers and boss and CMO’s  and CFo’s and the CEO’s to allow employees to take a nap post lunch for at least 10-15 min?

It is not like taking a small nap everyday is going to bring down business and nosedive the profits , is it ?

You know the info but let me remind you in anyway – When adults napped between 2 and 4 p.m., one recent study showed, they performed better which led to improved productivity and low stress levels. Low stress means happy employees .Happy employees means low attrition. Low attrition means … – take your pick answer Mr Hr !

People who took naps also had no problems falling asleep at night. Maybe the CEO himself needs one , no ?

So what is behind the beauty of napping ?

“It may protect brain circuits from overuse until those neurons can consolidate what’s been learned about a procedure,” says Robert Stickgold, Ph.D., coauthor of the Harvard study.

Here is the thing. Too much of napping leads to sleep and you wont be able to sleep in the night. The trick is to make it short and early .

By early –  means daylight hours, at least five to 7  hours before you plan on going to sleep that night (between 2 and 4 p.m. is prime). Any later and your circadian rhythms will kick in, and you will rob yourself of a fitful nighht sleep.

As for short, keep your naps to less than an hour; 20 to 30 minutes is enough for most people to get the benefits.

So, how to do it ?

To help stick to this nap-  find a quiet couch/sofa or carpeted floor where you can lie down. Shut your eyes in your office chair for 20 minutes to  relax and refresh . You need to make sure you are not disturbed by phone calls and other avoidable distractions .

Home , work or just before a game I guarantee that you’ll find that—after a nice restorative nap, you’ll play much better with others.

Happy Napping , guys ! Ahem .. get the permission from the boss first.

If you dont want to sleep at noon

12 Dec

I have realised by trial and error method that if you eat less in the afternoon ( moderate quantity of rice that is ..) you wont feel sleepy at all .

it helps :
– i dont sleep at noon and hence easier to sleep on time at night
– catch up on reading during that “siesta” hour.