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Stop picking on Rahul Dravid please …

14 Dec

I don’t get it . Why is the media hounding Rahul “The Wall” Dravid all the time? Sure.. he is having some major problems in scoring .So what ?

He is the same guy who was the toast of the media when he won matched for India in both forms of the game. In fact , he is the most successful player in Indian cricket history for playing test matches abroad. scores of budding cricket players have watched an learnt from him – stability,concentration and technique. He is not called “The Wall” for nothing.

R.Dravid is not the lord of offside like Saurav , nor is he swashbuckling player like Viru, a brilliant genius like tendulkar or the “sweet timer” of the ball like Laxman. But none of the mentioned players has the power of concentration, technique and stability like Dravid has. period. He was the guy who on numerous occasions held a partnership together from the other. He kept the ball running and scores ticking . He did it in his own way. He enjoyed the game for how he played. He done all that he can for his team. So , it would be really nice if the media left him alone. He is going through a lean patch . if so .. then so be it.  Instead of predicting or calling for his retirement . Let him leave when he wants at his own pace. It is so easy for us to sit on the fences and criticise him on how he plays . Let us not do that anymore..

Let him play his game .