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Using Avast over Avg

12 Apr

Met a genius networking guy .. My laptop is back to damn good condition after he did his magic on networking and security.

His advice :

dont use Avg , instead use Avast .

Dont use chrome as it has security issues and instead use Firefox.

So I just now :

downloaded Avast and removed Avg

started once again using firefox.. Love the browser !

Mozilla wants your vote

14 Dec

I am a staunch believer of Open Source Software and I love using Mozilla browser as compared to IE.These days I enjoy using Google Chrome a lot too 🙂

Mozilla is now planning to spread the good word and like a true Open Social Software company it is inviting people from its community ( basically all those who download and use mozilla browser) to vote for its Marketing plan. These plans are submitted by regular people ( its a wow democracy ) like you and me . Of the 300 entries, 10 has been shortlisted. All you need to do is go through the plan and cast your vote.

Vote for Mozilla Marketing Plan here :

Impact Mozilla