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An open letter to HBR team

1 Jan


India Today Group and the HBR team

Extremely sad and shocked at the increase of the price of HBR from Rs.500 to Rs.750! Not sure why this suddenly increase in price. Is it cos of the new design or because it is a double issue or it is New Year?

What is the point in making the new design more accessible to reading when you are making the magazine less accessible for people to buy?

As long as the price was at Rs.500 I used to eagerly wait for the magazine to come out. Cos Rs.500 for me was an opportunity cost in financial planning. Rs.500 was a sacrifice I made for a movie outing with my finance. I used to think – even if I missed a movie with her, that’s fine! I get to read HBR management stuff. She understood.

Now, I can’t give her that reason. I can’t tell her that I sacrificed my time with her for a book which cost Rs.750.

What about the rest of us? What about new managers climbing the corporate ladder who may not have big salary but have big dreams and want to learn management ideas and thoughts from icons of HBR but cant because of the increase in price. Others may get access to HBR cos their HR would be good enough to buy it for them in office. Student’s studying MBA may get access to it from the coll library.

So what happens to the rest of us? Are we to be denied the pleasure of reading HBR?

The Entrepreneur (India edition) is Rs.100. that makes sense. That makes big sense to buy. And the content is good. Not as classy as HBR but good nonetheless.

So here is my big question: Why on earth did you guys raise the price back to Rs. 750?

If you are charging HBR print edition so much, why not give free online access to your articles and archives?

You know what is even more sad? Me not buying HBR won’t make any difference to you. It won’t cause a dent in your brand, sales or the policy you follow.

But hopefully there ought to be more ppl like me out there who will read this blog, nod their head and voice out their concerns as well… That may probably be a wake up call for you guys to rethink your pricing strategy in India.

A Dejetced Big Fan!

Sri Vikas

Work Less, Earn more : be happy and content: becme entrepreneur

29 Nov

start business,work less , earn enough, be happy http://ping.fm/O5STX

What consitutes a good business plan ?

14 Dec

For a long time now I have  been asking/searching around for samples of a good marketing/business plan. I just wanted to know what are the elements/formats involved in writing a sound and viable plan. Never got around finding it till today.

You see, I am very much passionate about starting my own company. One day I would like to become a job and wealth creator. But to start any business you need a good business plan. If you want to be an entrepreneur , then you better be armed with a damn good business plan when you go asking for VC money.

Businessweek magazine’s online version has a very good example of how a business plan should look like . I recommend all you guys to read Businessweek regularly and  as often as possible to update your knowledge on various aspects of business and not just business news.

Seahorse Power company started by Jim Poss won the best business plan award at Babson’s MBA program.

Here the article :

How to Write a Winning Business Plan

Check out the business plan here :

Seahorse Power business plan