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what exactly do you mean by CTC – Cost to Company?

14 Dec

I always used to wonder what exactly does CTC mean. when i asked this question to the HR of my previous company, even he couldn’t give me a proper reply.
I searched a lot in internet and never got a clear cut simple answer until i read a small piece of explanation found in pagalguy forums .

Here is a reply on what ctc is all about . I picked this one because it is simple ,clear and short:

” CTC, is the Cost to the company. Many companies don’t give you a clear idea of how much Cash you would end up getting in hand. All they tell you is the total pay package. This package includes non-monetary benefits like Accommodation, Telephone, Training Costs etc. To inflate the figures, companies will give you Child Education Allowance (if you are unmarried) or some insurance policy that you do not need , or they will say that the training that they are providing you is worth some mindless figure. This is how a 30,000 cash in hand can easily become 5-6 lac package.”

Aint that simple enough for you ? If not .. then try sending me a much simpler and easy to understand info on what CTC is all about.