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mobile-worx moves into a bigger and better office

31 Dec

Mobile-worx started growing at a surprisingly fast pace. And with growth came the need to expand our teams and we did just that! but once  we expanded our teams a realization dawned upon us that we need to be in a  really big, better, swankier and kick-ass office. From then on the hunt began. And let me tell you (and trust me on this one) it is easier to find a needle in haystack than finding a good office space in a prime locality in Chennai. Sure they were office spaces available dime a dozen in Chennai. Big, swanky, really corporate…etc. but we weren’t looking for any office. We wanted THE office which reflected the mood of mobile-worx and its products – and ZestADZ. So, after much huff and puff and lots of “roaming “in and around Chennai (we owe it over to our HR guy Sathish forever) we finally zeroed in on our new office in the heart of Chennai city (or should be say Singara Chennai).Our new office is in Chetpet, stone throw away from Ega theater and snuggled up quite nicely in a peaceful street, opposite of RBI quarters. You should visit us sometime.

But the really challenge was to yet to come. The odyssey which involved from negotiating the price to moving the furniture from our old office to new one and setting up cubicles was a nightmare. But then we enjoyed doing it. You see, our new office had the right ingredients in place. The perfect bastion for mobile-worx.

It is from here we will map our progress and aim to conquer the mobile space. It will be from here, our nerve centre; we will unleash ideas, strategies, thoughts which would reverberate the arena of mobile advertising and mobile social networking.

And to top it, mobile-worx appetite for talented people has started again. So we are once again going on the expansion spree for people- aggressive mavericks for sales, die- hard creative people for marketing and persistent people for technology. 

On behalf of everyone in mobile-worx, we wish all our advertisers, publishers and Mklix users a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Mobile-Worx new OFfice


wow! (product of mobile-worx) featured in livemint

10 Dec

We recently got featured in, which is an achievement in itself. It was very heartening to see our product being reviewed by one of the leading financial online newspaper in the country.

Basically the report states that, product of the parent company mobile-worx, will be will be a mobile social networking portal where users can download premium mobile content like games, wallpapers, themes completely free.

It will be the first mobile social community in India where users can download premium content, connect with existing friends via group messaging, meet new friends and download free mobile applications completely free.

Users get it free because all features and downloads in Mklix is completely ad supported. Which means, when the users try to download any mobile content from the site, using their WAP enabled mobile device, they will get to see an ad embedded during the download process. The ads in the content will be non-intrusive and will be based on the interests of the users.

Will give you guys a complete run down on what mklix is all about in my next post. Meanwhile, check out the news clip here- Free downloads on phones


see you soon

lets blog-and-roll !

26 Nov

Alright, let’s get the ball rolling, shall we?

Moi naam is vikas… Sri Vikas and been walking on this planet for 24 years now. Arrrrgh.. .. lets get serious now….

I am Sri Vikas, aged 24 from Chennai. The officially unofficial roots of my origin is pallakkad but then I claim myself as the true blooded (make that hot blooded will ya!) soul from madras. So, ask me, “What is your native?” And I tell you “Chennai”. So, it is unambiguous now… I was born and brought up in madras. And quiet simply ( cos there is no 2 way about it..) love the city. And yeah , its Chennai for politicians , but for me its always madras.. and always Bombay(not Mumbai. What sort of a name is that mr bal thackrey? Muuumbaiii..)

I finished my ug in economics and now work for a mobility solutions firm called – mobile-worx.

Mobile-worx is leading mobility solutions firm with its HQ at los angels and major R&D and marketing centre in Chennai. We work on the following:

1     1. Mobile advertising

2.    2.Mobile social networking

3.    3.Developing wireless solutions based on java and j2ee programming.

I work on the marketing aspect of this company. My title goes something like this: User Acquisition Strategist. I strategize on product branding, Search Engine Marketing, internet marketing, collaborative and conversational marketing, User Interface, product development, content management among others.

Right now I am in the product development team of , is the next generation mobile social networking portal completely developed by an extremely efficient team from Chennai. And we are developing this portal which will have world class standards with latest web 2.0 technology.

What is the aim this blog? Why should you even be bothered to waste your time and read my posts?

Frankly, you don’t have to. I am telling you this in my first post, please don’t read my blogs unless you are genuinely interested in me, as a person that I am.

You know what? I have lost my ability to write good articles supplemented with good language and good diction, which has always been my hallmark. I know not why this has happened, but I do know that if there is one capability which I am really proud of, is that I can write excellent essays, notes, articles, stories and that I am blessed with a creative bend of mind with a great command over the English language. Unfortunately, when you don’t use things as they are supposed to be used; they get rusted and over a period of time become dormant. And that’s exactly what has happened in my case. This ability of mine to write, to express thoughts and ideas using language has become dull and dormant. It has gone into a deep slumber inside me and I want to bring it back to life.

Therefore, I shall propose a toast for my resurrection, here. The journey shall begin today. The odyssey to bring clarity to my thoughts, stillness into my heart shall begin with this blog post.

See you soon.