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Right now reading : The New Rules of Marketing and PR

18 Dec


Went to Landmark book store, Spencer Plaze, yesterday and picked up The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott.

With this , the total number of books in my library collection goes up to 1753. Quite an impressive number huh ? 🙂

Well 3 reasons why i had to lay my hands on this book :

  • I am Social Media Marketing evangelist. I got infected with  Social Media bug and quiet sure it aint gonna leave my system for a long , long time to come.
  • This book comes highly recommended . The gurus of PR, Marketing and Social Media swear by it . It stands next only to Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies by by Charlene Li, Josh Bernoff ( Authors are from Forrester Research body).
  • I seem to have lost interest in Advertising for reasons i cant share it here . But after much reading and analysis of the trends in new age media and marketing , i believe Integrated PR and Corporate Communications coupled with social media tools helps in building brands and deals with image and crisis management in a much ethical and effective way. And no, this is not a crib out of bookish knowledge . I have seen my friends ( i will have to name them here : Anu, Shraddha, Nikhila …from a very reputed PR firm ) work so well with brands using PR as a very effective tool. I am not belittling advertising at all. I think advertising is great but not if it just about writing greats ads which at the end of the day dont sell the product.

I love the concept of building brands . There is something awe-inspiring in the process of brand building that cant be explained here  and it is something you have to experience it yourself. I just decided that advertising is not the way i would like to explore the concept of branding.  PR with effective marketing strategies will unleash the potential brand in a much better way.

If you are into social media or believe in the concept of digital branding – social media, Integrated PR, corporate blogging etc , then here are few recommendations you may want to read :

The Anatomy of buzz by Emanuel Rosen

Buzz Marketing by Mark Hughes

Connected Marketing by Justin Kirby

The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Purpule Cow by Seth Godin

The Fall of Advertising and the rise of PR by Al Rise and Laura Rise

Corporate Blogging by Debbie Weil

Wikinomics by Don Tapscott and Anathony D Williams

(ps: this is not an all inclusive list .. i will update as and when i write more posts on social media, PR , Marketing and Branding)

You guys are most welcome to drop in with your book reading suggestions, criticism … anything ..

Love what blyke is doing

5 Jan

I am not sure how many of you guys ever heard about blyke. In any case, let me give you a brief: blyke is a very promising and exciting mobile advertising company. They plan to display ads in mobile sites and mobile phones in uk.

Check out the article here:

Getting Free Cellphone Calls for ADS

Now, what Blyke is doing is something really interesting. They are saying something like this to you (if you are UK based mobile subscriber that is), “look here mate. What if I tell you that you can make free calls any where in UK if you allow us to pop some ads into mobile phone? Won’t that be capital for you? How about it? Eh? All you need to do is give us your permission to display some relevant ads in your mobile phones and in return we will give you free minutes to make calls to your loved ones.

 What I am thinking is – what if we can apply such a business model in India? Will it work? If it does, how successful would it be?

drop in your comments, will ya

see ya soon!


wow! (product of mobile-worx) featured in livemint

10 Dec

We recently got featured in, which is an achievement in itself. It was very heartening to see our product being reviewed by one of the leading financial online newspaper in the country.

Basically the report states that, product of the parent company mobile-worx, will be will be a mobile social networking portal where users can download premium mobile content like games, wallpapers, themes completely free.

It will be the first mobile social community in India where users can download premium content, connect with existing friends via group messaging, meet new friends and download free mobile applications completely free.

Users get it free because all features and downloads in Mklix is completely ad supported. Which means, when the users try to download any mobile content from the site, using their WAP enabled mobile device, they will get to see an ad embedded during the download process. The ads in the content will be non-intrusive and will be based on the interests of the users.

Will give you guys a complete run down on what mklix is all about in my next post. Meanwhile, check out the news clip here- Free downloads on phones


see you soon

lets blog-and-roll !

26 Nov

Alright, let’s get the ball rolling, shall we?

Moi naam is vikas… Sri Vikas and been walking on this planet for 24 years now. Arrrrgh.. .. lets get serious now….

I am Sri Vikas, aged 24 from Chennai. The officially unofficial roots of my origin is pallakkad but then I claim myself as the true blooded (make that hot blooded will ya!) soul from madras. So, ask me, “What is your native?” And I tell you “Chennai”. So, it is unambiguous now… I was born and brought up in madras. And quiet simply ( cos there is no 2 way about it..) love the city. And yeah , its Chennai for politicians , but for me its always madras.. and always Bombay(not Mumbai. What sort of a name is that mr bal thackrey? Muuumbaiii..)

I finished my ug in economics and now work for a mobility solutions firm called – mobile-worx.

Mobile-worx is leading mobility solutions firm with its HQ at los angels and major R&D and marketing centre in Chennai. We work on the following:

1     1. Mobile advertising

2.    2.Mobile social networking

3.    3.Developing wireless solutions based on java and j2ee programming.

I work on the marketing aspect of this company. My title goes something like this: User Acquisition Strategist. I strategize on product branding, Search Engine Marketing, internet marketing, collaborative and conversational marketing, User Interface, product development, content management among others.

Right now I am in the product development team of , is the next generation mobile social networking portal completely developed by an extremely efficient team from Chennai. And we are developing this portal which will have world class standards with latest web 2.0 technology.

What is the aim this blog? Why should you even be bothered to waste your time and read my posts?

Frankly, you don’t have to. I am telling you this in my first post, please don’t read my blogs unless you are genuinely interested in me, as a person that I am.

You know what? I have lost my ability to write good articles supplemented with good language and good diction, which has always been my hallmark. I know not why this has happened, but I do know that if there is one capability which I am really proud of, is that I can write excellent essays, notes, articles, stories and that I am blessed with a creative bend of mind with a great command over the English language. Unfortunately, when you don’t use things as they are supposed to be used; they get rusted and over a period of time become dormant. And that’s exactly what has happened in my case. This ability of mine to write, to express thoughts and ideas using language has become dull and dormant. It has gone into a deep slumber inside me and I want to bring it back to life.

Therefore, I shall propose a toast for my resurrection, here. The journey shall begin today. The odyssey to bring clarity to my thoughts, stillness into my heart shall begin with this blog post.

See you soon.