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Live documents launched

26 Nov

Love Sabeer Bhatia’s new live documents desktop application. What is it about?nothing but Windows 2007 office applications given free for internet users. Fantastic idea!

Now, why should I pay 400$ or equivalent INR to install the 2007 applications? I have been using 2007 version word document, Microsoft outlook and power point for my office purposes. But I have sulking over the fact that I cannot use the same software in my personal desktop at home, because I cannot afford it and I really don’t want to go for a pirated version… And here comes Mr. Bhatia saying “look here dude, don’t sulk anymore alright! I and my team just developed these applications called live documents and u can use all the 2007 application online and offline for free. So just hold your horses and give me a month or 2 and I will sort out your problem.”

Yippee! Awesome idea, Bhatia and thanks a ton man!

Here are some salient points of live documents:

Works almost on any platform- windows, unix, linux..

Instacoll , the company which developed the applications is Desi all the way! 30 engineers from Bangalore under the tutelage of Mr Bhatia did it. By the way instacoll is aka for instant collaboration.

It is completely free for the layman. Meaning? It’s free for you and me. It may be a bit charged for corporate’s. We understand, Mr. Bhatia!

I assume this application will somewhat (or outrightly) challenge Google docs and spreadsheets. Fair enough! I think competition is good for the business.

“We are very excited to be offering Live Documents. We think this is the way to the future,” said Mr. Bhatia.

Yup! We sure think so too!