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the accidental Brand Manager

21 Mar

This part of my life was never planned . This part of life of becoming the Brand Manager for BODYFUELZ was as serendipitous as it can come. Becoming a Brand Manager was always part of the plan. Just then I became one a bit too early.

So here I am , Brand Manager of BODYFUELZ. What we do , you ask ? We help some of India’s top sports players, endurance athletes , serious bodybuilders and fitness freaks to reach their fitness goals via performance nutrition.

So we have someone like Sushil Kumar using our highly advanced , bio engineered Aminonutriton products to build lean muscle mass, strength and stamina to reach his peak performance for his game.

We have the Indian Hockey Team use our products like FASTCHARGE and PWRSPORTS to  in their game to build endurance and stamina and prevent fatigue while playing.

We have been helping people develop lean , ripped muscles using our product called MUSCLEMAX .

We enable people in the weight loss program in the most safest , effective manner possible.

And those who connect and buy from us directly either through mail (, call ( 044-42014141/9884592632) or via facebook community , we give free diet/fitness and nutritional guidance.

Our in-house nutritionist will guide them all round the year.

My Role :

As the Brand Manager I connect with users to help them understand concept of next generation sports nutrition both Online and Offline.

Online –  You can find us here in facebook community –  BODYFUELZ Facebook Community

I believe in the future of social media marrying PR and Viral Marketing .  That is also one of the reasons why i exited from an advertising in industry.

Future  connect :

Starting from now my blog will mirror all that we do in the social media sphere . It would include very precise and practical ideas on building a brand using websites, blogs, rss, social networking, widgets and how to connect that with online PR.

Social Media Chennai Chapter :

I also aim to start a social media group based out of Chennai. A bar-camp – unconference style where i would like to invite brand manager, marketing managers, web designers , chief marketing officers, advertising and public relation executives and the likes.

The agenda would be simple . We will meet to connect and share ideas, best practises, discuss case studies, new trends in the social media sphere and how we can help our clients improve  their reach to their customers.

The only criteria would be that you should be passionate and believer of digital/social media marketing.

Drop in a mail –,

call me   – 9884592632

or drop in your comments here and spread the good word.

Look forward to some dynamic response from you guys ..

Corporate Napping :-)

2 Feb

Alright ! this is kinda cheeky and ” oh-my-god I I cant allow that” idea , but may i suggest to all managers and boss and CMO’s  and CFo’s and the CEO’s to allow employees to take a nap post lunch for at least 10-15 min?

It is not like taking a small nap everyday is going to bring down business and nosedive the profits , is it ?

You know the info but let me remind you in anyway – When adults napped between 2 and 4 p.m., one recent study showed, they performed better which led to improved productivity and low stress levels. Low stress means happy employees .Happy employees means low attrition. Low attrition means … – take your pick answer Mr Hr !

People who took naps also had no problems falling asleep at night. Maybe the CEO himself needs one , no ?

So what is behind the beauty of napping ?

“It may protect brain circuits from overuse until those neurons can consolidate what’s been learned about a procedure,” says Robert Stickgold, Ph.D., coauthor of the Harvard study.

Here is the thing. Too much of napping leads to sleep and you wont be able to sleep in the night. The trick is to make it short and early .

By early –  means daylight hours, at least five to 7  hours before you plan on going to sleep that night (between 2 and 4 p.m. is prime). Any later and your circadian rhythms will kick in, and you will rob yourself of a fitful nighht sleep.

As for short, keep your naps to less than an hour; 20 to 30 minutes is enough for most people to get the benefits.

So, how to do it ?

To help stick to this nap-  find a quiet couch/sofa or carpeted floor where you can lie down. Shut your eyes in your office chair for 20 minutes to  relax and refresh . You need to make sure you are not disturbed by phone calls and other avoidable distractions .

Home , work or just before a game I guarantee that you’ll find that—after a nice restorative nap, you’ll play much better with others.

Happy Napping , guys ! Ahem .. get the permission from the boss first.

The Top 10 health websites

1 Feb

Don’t be awestruck by how Amir Khan went about getting the 8 pack killer body when you can get it for yourself. All you need is dollops of inspiration, good knowledge,tremendous will power and a good job ( no need for any wallet sucking fancy gym at all ! )

Here is a super cool list for the fitness enthusiast in you :

1.  For complete fitness info    –                ExRx

2.  On Free weights                      –               Strong Lifts

3.  For Nutrition                          –                Nutrition Data

4. For Strength building          –                 Muscle Talk

5.  For information                   –                  Sports Coach

6. For Diet                                     –                 Food Focus

7.  Equipmet you need             –                EliteFTS

8.  Information                           –                John Beradi

9.  Workouts                                –               Baye

10. The coolest one                 –               Mens Health

From : Mh