About Sri Vikas.U

Sri Vikas , born and bred in chennai has majored in economics, currently pursuing PGDM ( part-time) at IFMR, chennai

His first job was at  mobile-worx, a leading wireless solutions company working on mobile advertising platform (Zestadz) and mobile social networking (mklix). mklix was later scrapped after he left the company for reasons unknown.As product marketing specialist he has handled accounts of TATA AiG, Detuche Bank, Club Mahidra and others .

After joining as User Acquisition executive , Vikas scaled up to User Acquisition Strategist and rose up the ranks to become Product Development Specialist. He specializes in Social media marketing, marketing communications, SEO/SEM and Strategic marketing.

He was  extensively involved in product management, social media marketing, client servicing and corporate sales.

He then worked as Account Executive at 2020India, a leading PR firm . 2020India specializes in offering its PR services to IT and Telecommunication companies.  He worked there for only one month.

He later joined Optima Marketing Solutions, an upcoming Advertising companies . He  handled accounts like – Verizon ,mpingi,Star Health Insurance… among others

He now works as the Brand Manager for BODYFUELZ , pioneers in manufacturing and marketing of next generation Sports and Performance Nutrition. The company enables some of India’s top sports players, endurance athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiaasts to reach their fitness goals.

As the Brand Manager for a Health and Wellness firm he takes complete ownership in educating, empowering and promoting the goodness of his brand which works under the concept of AMINONUTRITION. He closely works with his marketing manager, sales team and nutritionist in developing brand communications, PR and Social Media Strategies .

He spends most of his waking hours thinking about his future which he calls “outcome thinking” and starting his own company which would enable rural and health care development using social media tools and other digital technology. His interests include being a self declared info junkie cum book aficionado, japanese anime otaku (addicted that is.. ) or busy trying to understand the nuances of Indian culture.

Future plans include a masters in marketing management or marketing communications from an premier college, learn HTML and web design. oh yes! he is also trying like hell to improve his writing skills.

Vikas defines success by what he learns and not what he earns. 5 years down the lane he aims to be the “guru”, “the master”, “supremo”, “don” of  Integrated Marketing and communications industry. He wants to be the one man “WPP” of Marketing Communications sphere.

10 years down the lane he plans to be an entrepreneur , consultant, expert , techn0crat of Internet Marketing/Communications industry with speciaization in Rural and Health care marketing.

He will most assuredly bid aideu to the corporate world at the age 45+ and get into teaching and social service through NGO (maybe start one..)

4 Responses to “About Sri Vikas.U”

  1. Dhivya December 1, 2007 at 6:50 pm #

    hey.. thanks for putting me on your rolls…wow your work really interest me.. although i am from an advertising background i have been very passionate about blogging, Social media marketing…but still a novice.. i don’t know if you have heard of blogworks in India.. check it out it might interests you.. looking for to some interesting posts

  2. Kunal January 5, 2009 at 2:01 pm #

    Hi Vikas,
    Happy New Year!!
    Your careerpath really inspires me…I am a marketing major student from IBS Mumbai, looking forward to work passionately in the IMC sphere…but it seems the present financial crisis has other plans…companies are not visiting to campus…the situation is very gloomy. Anyways you keep up the great work going. Best of Luck!!!

  3. BM San Miguel January 21, 2010 at 12:06 pm #


    I just want to ask if it’s ok for me to add a link to your blog from our fashion blog? please let me know.



  4. Jayashree June 11, 2010 at 9:36 am #

    You’ve penned some great thoughts here 🙂
    Keep writing!

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