Advertising Vs PR :Chevy Beat Vs Tata Nano

5 Feb

Saw the Chevy Beat today! Not really a looker as I assumed it to be. Once again realize that TV and Print Ads is shit load of crap info with glamour which they call “Creative”.

The Beat looked all great, peppy and big in Tv and Print Ads. I went Gung-ho with my friends saying – “Beat is gonna rock the Indian roads “and all that jazz. Until I saw it today!

The Beat looks small. It is only the ads which make the car look big, compact and awesome. The Print and TV advertising is also very misleading.

Consider Tata Nano. The biggest viral campaign was set when Mr.Ratan Tata said “an Rs.1 lac car”. And, made it frenzy when the car was launched and Mr Ratan said “A promise is a promise”.

Then Nano went for a publicity blitzkrieg. It looked small, so-so cute and really vulnerable when it was shown in TV and newspaper articles. When it was released and when you see them today on Indian the car looks really cute, formidable to ready to handle the curves and bumps of the Indian roads and more than that. The car:  Under promised and Over-delivered.

Best part: Not a shred of advertising money spent on Tata Nano. It was purely viral, tact public relations and what Seth Godin will call “an idea virus: a purple cow”.

Big Takeaway: If you want to launch products then I suggest that you have great or rather an Outrageous Idea. A viral theme and get into Publicity than Big Money Advertising. The era of mass advertising in gone guys…

Aint gonna have my heart beat when I see the Beat now.

One Response to “Advertising Vs PR :Chevy Beat Vs Tata Nano”

  1. tyre equipment October 17, 2010 at 7:54 am #

    The biggest viral campaign was set when Mr.Ratan Tata said “an Rs.1 lac car”.and as he said the promise was kept.but it would take many years to see if the promise will be realized.

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