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ICICI has the worst customer service in India : Personal Experience !

14 Mar

How many of you here, who reads my posts have an ICICI account? I don’t! In fact, after a call from a customer service person today, I have resolved never to get an ICICI account no matter what the situation is.


Here is why:

I just completed my 2-wheeler loan amount Emi . ICICI bank was supposed to send me NOC ( No objection papers) . Yet , I kept getting sms messages from ICICI saying  that I still owe then Rs 2280.

Today , I got a call from a guy called Suresh . He is  in the department in charge of sending out NOC papers.

Here is the conversation – verbatim :

Me : Suresh, can you tell me why ICICI is sending me such a sms ?

Suresh : ( in an extremely rude tone) :  you see , that is not my business. I only want to check your address so that I can send in your NOC

Me : but suresh, can you not tell me why.. ( I get cut short)

Suresh : I am telling you that it is  not my department and I am not concerned.

Me : Suresh, I am your customer. You can have the basic courtesy of talking to me in a decent way.

Suresh : I know you are a customer . I am not in charge of the department , and I can’t help.

Me ( I get irritated) : Suresh, basic rule of customer service is to listen to what your customer has to say. I am in a services business industry … ( I get cut short this time)

Suresh  ( he starts reading out my address  without even letting me finish my sentence) : is that where I should mail your noc ?

Me :  yes

did you notice the negatives in the conversation ? “Don’t” , “cant” ?

Now,ICICI claims to be the 2nd largest bank in India. Second only to SBI !

But t if it was really that great in terms of revenue and all that jazz, how come I was treated so bad? How come the customer service ( front end ) guy dint have the basic courtesy of not having the patience to listen to me ? How humiliated did I feel when I was cut short in trying explaining my problem ?

Why should I conduct my business with a bank like this ? Why would anybody want to have any relationship with a bank like this ? Or is this an isolated case ?

I work for a company which has a very long standing with ICICI bank . I am supposed to get ICICI savings account opened next month. That is not going to happen .

I have no intention of having any sort of relationship with ICICI and instead will continue using Axis account and open a new account with any of PSB’s .

If ever a marketing guy of ICICI reads my post , I request him to make sure that  another customer like me should never be treated and humiliated in a similar manner.

I also came across Arjun’s blog ICICI Bank – bad experience for many also , Vijay Padiyar’s blog reflects a similar experience in ICICI Direct Pathetic Customer Service .

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