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UGC Grants Commission ( Public Notice )

17 Dec

In case you have missed /dont read Employment News then here is an important press release which you ought to be aware of .

In the interest of the  public and students I ask you to either pass on this blog post or inform them about this notice. I counldnt find the  link for the article online so I am quoting it here as give out by U.G.G 


” It is hereby informed to the public at large and students that Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM), New Delhi is not a university withing the meaning of Section 2 (f) of UGC Act 1956,. Further as per Section 22 of the U.G.C Act 1956, the IIPM, New Delhi does not have the right of conferring of granting degrees as specified by the U.G.C Section 22(3) of U.G.C Act.”

The article then goes on to inform the students that the universities established by a Central Act or a State Act or an Institution deemed to be a univeristy under Section 3 of the university Grnats Commission  Act can confer or grant only those degrees which are specifiied by the U.G.C  Act,1956.

The list of degree can be found in this website U.G.C

If you know anyone – friend, son, relative – just about anybody , ask them to think twice before applying for IIPM


I will share my thoughts on this issue in my next blog. Meanwhile, you can read :

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Hate the bad typos…

17 Dec

I just went through my previous blog posts and suddenly realize that they are reeked with typos..

I am old school.. I love to write and ink my thoughts rather that type. That explains my “typo” problem .. my creativity is at its best when i can take a pencil or an ink pen and watch the words from my English language lexicon thickets do magic ..
I never find comfort in using MS Word . The one real time i really enjoy using the keyboard is when i play Pc games to frag monsters in doom or snip that Al Queda terrorist in Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare ..

Lol 🙂