The Dalit Queen

10 Apr

Mayawati Kumar

The 85th edition of the TIME magazine (page 22 to be precise) has an article which kinda bowled me out.
According to the article, Mayawati may well be a potential candidate for the post of Prime Minister for the next general election.

Here are the reasons why she is considered for the coveted post:

  • She is a Dalit
  • She is the Chief Minister of India’s most populated state- UP
  • She is from BSP
  • Since both INC and BJP won’t win a single majority, she may well turn out to be the deciding factor. Which means – she would be the King maker, or should I say – Queen Maker.

The article also states:

  • She is under CBI investigation
  • She is worth (declared assets) $13m.
  • A self declared “living goddess”

The day Mayawati becomes the PM of India; the country will truly go to the dogs!

3 Responses to “The Dalit Queen”

  1. Mona May 10, 2008 at 3:08 pm #

    Hi Dear,
    Sorry for late reply and I haven’t quit blogging just got busy with admissions and interviews.

    Take care

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