Stop belittling indian companies

5 Jan

Check out this article in Advertising Age. Notice the way the author tags Indian companies? I am quoting the author here – “…Ford confirms it is in talks to sell the Jaguar and Land Rover brands to an Indian automaker you never heard of”. Can you believe that?

When did the100 year old TATA Company and TATA motors (slated to launch world’s first 1ac rupees car) become an unknown brand?

I guess, the author never bothered to check who the automaker is, or if she did, then she clearly has no clue what a behemoth of a company it is. Does she know that TATA steel is the third largest steel making company in the world after Arcelor-Mittal and Nippon?

I don’t get this biased attitude of American and other western countries when it comes to India and Indian companies. Haven’t they still realized that our companies are no longer thinking small and growth plans not confined to Indian shores?

I sent her mail, asking her (very humbly, mind you) not to belittle an Indian company again and get her facts straight before she writes her reports like this again.

Let me know what you think, folks

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