…More reasons on why it is fun to work for start-ups

5 Jan

I been reading trak.in blog for couple of months now and every time i visit the blog i get to read interesting articles and news about what is happening in the indian business industry.

Here is what Arun (he owns the blog) has to say about why it is really exciting to work in a star-up organization.

I had earlier posted my views on why it is great to work in a start-up firm – here. Clearly, Arun seems to share my opinions as well.
see ya soon!


2 Responses to “…More reasons on why it is fun to work for start-ups”

  1. Mona January 11, 2008 at 9:41 am #


    Thanks for visiting my blog. The article about working with start -up company was great.

    Im currently working with one such company only and I can guarentee the benefits mentioned there 🙂

    The work, the exposure, the freedom and involement of risk give you an immense satisfaction.

    well, you can send me invitation for linked at mona_godhwani@yahoo.com


  2. Ram January 13, 2008 at 1:50 pm #

    Hi belated new year wishes and sorry for the late reply too.
    held up with some work in office.. then saw your personal blog, this year is filled with lot of expectations and goals it seems.. good and My wishes to achive them all.

    One more thing, this post about the startup will become your best post of the year and I could see more sequels to it as this one. You can read more and get comments from ppl like us who work for it and your own exp. , you can come up with a good nice sequels now and then and also this could bring you good Search engine results…

    ALL THE BEST FOR 2008!!!

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