Technology or consumer- who is more important?

6 Dec

Sunil Bhrathi Mittal once pointed out, in The Economics time’s forum, that technology is not important but it is how you use the technology available to get results is…

I believe that he has made a very important point here. Technology keeps changing everyday but your goals remain the same (I am talking about the long term vision of your company). The core goals of the company are /should be well defined and crystal clear internally and externally.

Companies will spend billions of dollars in developing the latest technology but remember that ultimately technology is created for you to run your business in perfect order. and how will you run your business in perfect order? You do that by getting more customers and keeping the existing customer happy. Once again it boils down to that issue- customer …customer…customer. Keep your customer! Technology should help you do that and not the other way round.

Came across an interesting article today in Advertising Age on what the CMO should do in the new media marketing era and how important customer relationship management is.

You may want to read the article here:

Importance of customer focus


see you soon..


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