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The mark of a true leader- Mark (facebook founder) apologizes

6 Dec


“To be a leader, follow the leader” is what my company founder Terry Uppal advised me today. And in Mark Zuckerberg you see an ideal leader. He has finally come out and has profusely apologized on the way Beacon program was released and marketed. And that, my dear friends how it should be done!

A company, be it a start-up or a well established one, tries to grow in the market by new product releases and by entering new unexplored avenues (or markets) with kick-ass product marketing to their best of their ability. But nobody ever said that every time there is a new product released it is going to be success overnight. And that’s what has happened to Facebook Beacon project. For the first time facebook tried to monetize their site and it went wrong. Fair enough! Shit happens in business all the time. You make a mistake, then you unlearn and then you re-learn.

That is what Mark has done today. He has come out in public and apologized for the mistake made in the product release. You should read his post here- The facebook Blog

Remember, the whole issue was raised by 50,000 users and facebook has 35 million registered! But a good leader, a good business man is the one who values each and every customer of his and delivers what his customer wants, address issues raised by his customers and sort it out accordingly. He could have ignored the whole problem and went ahead with the program and as consolation issue a press release. But no! he personally apologizes to his users that a mistake has been made , lessons has been learnt and it will be corrected eventually. If that is not hallmark of leadership, I don’t know what is.

I had earlier posted my thoughts on Facebook Beacon Project release and had ended it with a note on how keenly I would be watching Mark’s next move on this issue. You can read my post on Facebook Beacon privacy issue.

Simple idea: – It is ok to make mistakes but it takes guts to accept that you have and then go ahead and correct it.

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Technology or consumer- who is more important?

6 Dec

Sunil Bhrathi Mittal once pointed out, in The Economics time’s forum, that technology is not important but it is how you use the technology available to get results is…

I believe that he has made a very important point here. Technology keeps changing everyday but your goals remain the same (I am talking about the long term vision of your company). The core goals of the company are /should be well defined and crystal clear internally and externally.

Companies will spend billions of dollars in developing the latest technology but remember that ultimately technology is created for you to run your business in perfect order. and how will you run your business in perfect order? You do that by getting more customers and keeping the existing customer happy. Once again it boils down to that issue- customer …customer…customer. Keep your customer! Technology should help you do that and not the other way round.

Came across an interesting article today in Advertising Age on what the CMO should do in the new media marketing era and how important customer relationship management is.

You may want to read the article here:

Importance of customer focus


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